White teeth are a source of confidence to the wearer. If your teeth are creamy white, you tend to smile more often with confidence knowing full well the effects your smile has on the people around you.

White teeth don't remain white forever; they gradually become stained basically due to our feeding habits, lifestyles and ageing.

Food with artificial colouring, coffee, tea, red wine beverages and smoking habits are the major causes of teeth stains.

Whitening your stained teeth has its own dangers and side effects, however, the dangers and side effects of teeth whitening can be minimised only if you consult professional dentists.

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Dangers of teeth whitening

There are varieties of teeth whitening products with varying degree of quality. Buying cheaper quality teeth whitening products can cause a lot more damage to your teeth making your teeth extra-sensitive and brittle. This can cause your teeth to start chipping off gradually especially when you try to use your teeth to crack hard food.

Using teeth whitening products regularly without following the recommendations of the manufacturer or of your dentist can cause you serious teething issues as regular bleaching of your teeth erodes the enamel (the outermost layer of the teeth) exposing the dentine. This can give you painful side effects.

In cases where the enamel is extremely eroded, your teeth become extra sensitive and flexible. You can bend your teeth if you apply much pressure when eating some certain types of food. In such cases, you have to avoid extremely or cold food as your teeth become too sensitive.

Other side effects of teeth whitening are gum irritation which can result from excessive usage of a whitening agent; using ill-fitting bleaching tray and not using protective barrier during in-office treatment, damage to your dental roots, uneven whitening of teeth and damages done to the mucous membranes in your mouth. These side effects can be long-term effects.

Other short term effects that may arise from teeth whitening procedures include dental sensitivity for a few days and this can happen only if you have sensitive teeth.

How to minimize the dangers and side effects of teeth whitening

The following are ways you can minimize the long and short term side effects of teeth whitening.

  • You should undergo teeth whitening procedure with an experienced dentist. You can consult us at our dental clinic. We have a team of experienced dental professionals you can consult. They are willing to recommend the appropriate teeth whitening procedure suitable just for you.

    Consulting an experienced dentist before carrying out teeth whitening procedure will determine if your teeth can be subjected to teeth whitening treatment.

  • You should get a recommendation for a teeth whitening product from your dentist before proceeding to buy over-the-counter teeth whitening products. We are willing to recommend an approved teeth whitening product suitable for your teeth. You should consult us today.

  • Using Whitening toothpaste is a safer way of whitening your teeth, though it may take a longer time for the effects to be visible. However, whitening toothpaste with covarine is quite effective even with just one-time brushing of the teeth. If you're confused about the type of whitening toothpaste to buy, why not consult us?

  • Whitening strips are an effective means of whitening the teeth. Whitening strips can be purchased over the counter and applied to the teeth once or twice daily for a recommended period of time as indicated on the instruction manual.

    There are varieties of whitening strips available each with varying concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. When in doubt of the variety of whitening strip to use, you can consult us for a recommendation of just the type of whitening teeth suitable for you.

  • Activated charcoal and other home-made methods can be used to whiten the teeth, if you plan to use home-made remedies to whiten your teeth, you should discuss with your dentist before doing so. We will be willing to discuss with you on the use of homemade remedies when you consult us.